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to the Quebec’s Seasons newsletter.

Quebec’s Seasons is the new tourism newsletter by Global Internet. With this newsletter, we hope to send you all the information about the new attractions and activities in the regions of Quebec. Whether you live in Quebec, Canada, the United States or elsewhere in the world, you will appreciate receiving information about the attractions to visit and the events not to be missed during your next stays in Quebec.

Throughout the issues of Quebec’ Seasons, you will read information about the new attractions that have been added to our travel guides, the main events happening in Quebec, the highlights, the contests, the unusual attractions as well as the last-minute rebates in lodging establishments.

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to the Travel guide of my region

Quebec travel guide has been created to introduce our beautiful province first to Québécois, but also to visitors from Canada, United States, Europe and from everywhere in the world. We hope this guide will inspire visitors to discover the rich potential of Quebec. They can consult the guide to plan their stay or to find new and unusual activities to put into their already planned vacation itinerary.

You have visited our Travel guide or the guide of your region, but you haven’t found your attraction, activity or festival? This is the ideal section to introduce visitors to your attraction. When you decide to put your attraction in our travel guide, you obtain more visibility. You only need to fill in the information below and one of our sales representatives will contact you as soon as possible. We hope to have you as our business partner.


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Quebec’s activity guide is a complete source of travel information to find all the information you need to plan your stay in the province of Quebec. In this travel guide, you will find information concerning the regions of Quebec, the attractions, activities, not to be missed events as well as lodging.

Visit our travel guide to find all the relevant information about tourism in Quebec, as well as about many sports and outdoor activities, water activities, agrotourism, parks and >hiking, family fun, restaurants, shopping, health centres and spas, cruises, cultural activities and festivals and event.

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