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Rafting, Canoeing & Kayaking

Rafting, Canoeing & KayakingQuebec's tumultuous rivers invite thrill seekers to grab their paddle and embark upon a most exciting excursion. Rivers like the rivière Rouge in the Outaouais and the Laurentides regions, the Jacques-Cartier River in Québec or the Lachine Rapids in the St. Lawrence River near Montréal are perfect for rafting. Aboard an inflatable canoe and accompanied by an experienced guide, you will go down at full speed a portion of the river on which you will encounter rapids ranging 1 to 4 in strength for the most part, 4 being a very difficult rapid. River kayaking lovers, for their part, can ride along those same portions of the rivers for a more intimate contact with water. You can often see river kayaking professionals executing moves and other impressive manoeuvres aboard their small floating craft. These activities can be done all summer long, but the best time for rafting and river kayaking is unquestionably in the spring when rivers are overflowing with water, particularly in April and May. The rapids are then bigger and offer more challenge and thrills, despite the cold water. Canoe lovers will prefer calm lakes and rivers, like those in Gaspésie and Mauricie. Several national and regional parks allow the practice of canoe-camping, an activity during which canoeists cross lakes aboard their canoe and stop over to sleep under a tent on little islands. It's a great way to experience Quebec's nature. In Outaouais and Lanaudière, beautiful lake and river networks offer a dream décor for this activity. Sea kayaking is an activity becoming more and more popular. In Quebec, you can do sea kayaking on all the calm bodies of water, in order to make one with nature. Aboard your kayak, you can travel down the coasts of Charlevoix to maybe catch glimpse of a whale, or in the Saguenay fjord to take in all the splendour of this natural beauty, or else the rivers of Duplessis, which offer breathtaking views on the giant Quebec forests.

Rafting, Canoeing & Kayaking
Rafting, Canoeing & Kayaking

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Rafting, Canoeing & Kayaking
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