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Welcome to Quebec

Welcome in "la belle province"!

Get ready for unequalled moments on this territory unique in the world, which conceals great fauna, flora as well as breathtaking landscapes. Quebec is not only made of wild nature and large open spaces, but also of a rich culture, welcoming and warm, a tasty gastronomy, flavoured with regional products and a passionate history of its past, present and future. Quebec will also reveal its captivating attractions dotting the territory, its traditional or modern festivals that attract people from everywhere in the world, and its fascinating winter that each year brings a great amount of snow and makes the joy of winter sport lovers.

The province of Quebec has 21 tourist regions that invite you to discover their own particular character. Northern Quebec is a less visited region, but you will surely be charmed by its large and wild territories, its northern lights and its crystal-clear rivers. The regions north of the St. Lawrence River are marked by the curves of the Laurentian Mountains and by the numerous sparkling lakes and rivers. If you visit the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, you will discover ancient seigniorial estates as well as magnificent farms where tasty regional products grow. Whatever the region you choose to visit during your stay in Quebec, you will surely have a memorable experience!

Quebec's Seasons Blog
Quebec's Seasons Blog

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Come see the four seasons of Quebec
The four seasons of Quebec

Autumn is a beautiful season in Quebec. The leaves of the trees put on their brightest colours, and twinkle with their intense red or their radiant gold. Take the time to walk in the woods where the smells of the forest take over all your senses, or enjoy the view from one of the numerous viewpoints of the regions.

Discover the saisons

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What to do in Quebec

Birds are chirping, buds are coming out and ice is melting fast; no doubt spring season has finally arrived! Enjoy the warm sunrays by going spring skiing, by taking your favourite drink on a newly opened terrace or by having a taste at the delicious Quebec maple syrup.


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