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Spring celebration

What do we Celebrate in Spring?

Now that the winter celebrations are over, we thought we still had a few more months before the comeback of the celebrations where we always eat too much. It did not take long before we ate some chocolate and candy, on Valentine’s Day. What does spring have in store for us? For sure it has some more chocolate, especially chocolate rabbits. After all these sweets, let’s not forget Mother’s Day! In the meantime, let’s see what the next few months have in store for everyone.

Saint-Patrick’s DayRaise your Glass!
On March 17, Saint-Patrick’s Day announces the start of the spring season with drums and bugles. Only a few days before the official start of the spring season, will we finally see the last snowstorm of the season like the tradition wants it? The thing is that several regions in Quebec have already broken the record of snowfall on the ground, which was established in 1965-1966. Let’s come back to this celebration, which, in Quebec, among other places, was mainly created for Anglophones in Quebec, who are of Irish origin. Since celebrations are a great occasion to gather, you will not be surprised to see some Francophones celebrating in the bars and pubs of the province. In the Montérégie region, the Bedondaine et Bedons Ronds microbrewery will surely be completely filled. Do not forget to have a sip of green beer and to bring your four-leaf clover along!

EasterFind the Easter Egg!
Only a few days after this celebration, Easter is coming along. This year, it comes relatively soon in the calendar, since it is on March 23. It also happens during the sugaring season. This moment will be doubly chocolaty! To offer some out-of-the-ordinary sweets, do not hesitate to buy your chocolates in a chocolate factory. It might be a little more expensive than to buy them at the corner store, but it is well worth it. The Chocolaterie la Petite Grange, among others, proposes truffles and praline-flavoured chocolates, but you can also have a classic chocolate rabbit. You can also take advantage of your visit to buy a little something for Mother’s Day.

For you, Mom
Speaking of moms, if you do not want to offer the traditional flower bouquet for Mother’s Day, you can offer your mother a nice relaxing day. There are so many options! You can start your day with a delicious breakfast or a brunch in a calm and peaceful restaurant. Then, why not offer a massage, a facial or a manicure? The most important thing is to make sure you please her and offer her something special. Your time and presence could also be a great gift on this special day.

Patriots DayFor Patriotic People!
Did you know that between 1837 and 1838, a group of people fought for a democratic government as well as fair and equitable rights for Canadian French? In 2002, some 165 years after the events, the government decided to give them a day: the Journée nationale des Patriotes (Patriots Day). This Quebec civic holiday is very significant for inhabitants of the Montérégie region, since most of the Patriotes lived in this region, more precisely in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu. To learn more about these right defenders, you can visit the Maison nationale des Patriotes, which opens its doors for the season on this day of celebration.

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Charbonneau’s Orchards and Maple Grove
Charbonneau’s Orchards and Maple Grove
Spring celebrations
Spring celebrations
Cabosse d’Or Chocolate Factory
Cabosse d’Or Chocolate Factory


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