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Laurentian Slopes

Winter is finally at our doors and snow is slowly falling on the ground. Snowmobilers and skaters will soon be swarming to their respective paths while skiers and snowboarders will slide down the trails of the different resorts in the Laurentides region. There are so many places to choose from in the region! Nearly 15 ski resorts, mainly established in the Pays-d’en-Haut and the Tremblant areas, offer you a total of 375 trails in the high season. You only have to choose between the internationally known resorts and the private ones.

Cabane à PierreA Question of Trails
We created three categories to separate the 14 ski resorts of the Laurentides. In the “20 trails or less” category, there are five resorts. Ski Mont Gabriel offers 18 trails while Mont Avila and Ski Mont Habitant have 11. There are six resorts in the “between 20 and 30 trails” category. It is the category in which we can find the largest number of resorts, including Station de ski Alta (22 trails), Ski Morin Heights (23 trails) and Ski Chantecler with 25 trails. Finally, three resorts are in the “30 trails and over” category, among which we can find Station de ski Mont-Blanc with 39 trails and Mont Saint-Sauveur with 38. You probably guessed that Mont Tremblant is way ahead of this list with its 93 trails… How can you choose your resort? It depends on what you are looking for!

Cabane à PierreWhat They Offer
First, let’s talk about their shared characteristics. Each resort of the Laurentides region has a catering service, at least one boutique, equipment rental and a ski school. All the instructors are qualified and always happy to show you the basics of skiing or snowboarding. You can also choose between group and private lessons. These lessons are also called iniski and inisurf. It is recommended to reserve your ski or snowboard lessons, especially during the holidays and Spring break. Two resorts also have the necessary equipment for disabled people who would like to learn how to ski. At Tremblant, a package has been designed especially for them and includes the equipment rental, as well as one or two specialized instructors for two hours. Mont Avalanche also offers lessons with instructors. There is really everything for everyone! If your children are not old enough yet to ski, seven resorts offer a kindergarten service. Among the seven other resorts, three offer the same service but on weekends only. It is the case for Ski Belle Neige, among others. Again, it is better to make a reservation. Finally, you can do some night skiing in only half of the resorts. Tremblant, Mont Avalanche and Grey Rocks are not among these resorts.

Below is the list of the ski resorts in the Laurentides

  • Tremblant (93 pistes)
  • Station de ski mont-Blanc (39 pistes)
  • Mont Saint-Sauveur (38 pistes)
  • Ski Chantecler (25 pistes)
  • Mont Olympia (24 pistes)
  • Ski Morin Heights (23 pistes)
  • Grey Rocks (22 pistes)
  • Station de ski Atla (22 pistes)
  • Centre de ski Belle Neige (20 pistes)
  • Ski Mont Gabriel (18 pistes)
  • Station de ski Vallée-Bleue (17 pistes)
  • Station de sports Mont Avalanche (12 pistes)
  • Mont Avila (11 pistes)
  • Ski Mont Habitant (11 pistes)
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Laurentian Slopes
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