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The Original Ghost Lantern Walking Tour

Ghosts of New France

Les Promenades FantômesMost people have heard about Quebec City. Many of you have even already visited the city. Among the many attractions, you have most probably walked through the Petit Champlain streets, wandered around the Dufferin terrace in front of the Château Frontenac or stroll in Saint-Jean and Saint-Louis streets. Those daylight strolls made you discover the charming small shops, welcoming restaurants and historical buildings. But have you thought that visiting those same attractions at night could make you live a completely different experience? Night time is always an opportune moment to make strange encounters. In fact, night time is the moment chosen by The Original Ghost Lantern Walking Tour to make you discover the dark and hidden stories of the New France period. And what could be better than a visit of a 400 years old city to introduce you to some of the juiciest scandals to have occurred throughout the years?

It is in this state of mind that The Original Ghost Lantern Walking Tour offers you two guided tours at night which will make you discover Old Quebec has no one has ever seen it before. But you must be advised to not venture away from the guide since the executioners are never really far back.

Ghostly Guided Tours
In a gloomy atmosphere perfectly inspired by New France, be guided by Marie Rivière, a notorious trouble-maker well-known by locals, or her husband, the executioner Jean Rattier. Those two historic ghosts will make you pass through the darkest streets of Old Quebec while telling you all about the worst criminal stories that have happened in the city many years ago. Both characters will acquaint you with a legendary murderess and some of the most horrifying criminals which have marked the imagination of Quebecois. Take advantage of your visit to know a bit more about an entire family which was sentenced to death. Between two stories, the guide might even make you learn the day to day life of an executioner in Quebec City at that time.

Les Promenades Fantômes

Interactive Theatre in the Heart of Old Quebec
Marie Rivière still serves you as a guide for this theatrical performance also taking place in the dark streets of Old Quebec. This time however, she won’t be alone. Thieves, prostitutes and other historical characters will also be part of the tour. They will share with you their dismal story. Why and how they have been arrested, the scandals following their arrest, etc. With these accounts, you will learn more about the judicial system of the time. In all, 10 historical characters will converse with you about the criminal history of Quebec City, giving you the possibility to live this particular period of New France safely.

From May 1 to October 31 2008, The Original Ghost Lantern Walking Tour invites you to take part in the many organised guided tours. Each tour last for about 90 minutes. The interactive theatre tour, which last for 2 hours, is taking place on six different dates during July and August. So hurry up to reserve! Nothing beats an out-of-the-ordinary tour where ghosts are showing you the way.

Les Promenades Fantômes
85, rue du Sault-au-Matelot
Québec (Vieux-Québec) Québec
G1K 3Y9

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Phone : 418-694-2412
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The Original Ghost Lantern Walking Tour
The Original Ghost Lantern Walking Tour
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