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Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal

A Basilica Full of History and Heritage

A real treasure among the modern buildings of the metropolis, the Notre-Dame Basilica still overlooks today the landscape of Old Montreal by its imposing façade. Representing an important part of Montreal’s religious heritage, the Notre-Dame Basilica impresses with its neo-Gothic style, its refined furniture, its religious works of art and the chapel’s décor. Inspired by Paris’ Sainte-Chapelle, the Basilica was built in only 35 months from 1824 to 1829. At the time of its consecration, it was the largest temple in North America of any religious denomination as well as the first ever Gothic Revival style church in Canada. All art and history lovers will also be interested to know that archaeological treasures are still hidden around the basilica and under the church’s square.

Visit to the BasilicaA visit not to be missed
A visit to the Basilica is the best way to discover this true architectural beauty. Guided tours of about 20 minutes (included in the entry fees) and an explanatory leaflet will allow you to fully grasp the scale of this construction as well as its spiritual importance. Take the time to marvel at the many works of art displayed inside whether it is paintings, sculptures or frescoes. You will most probably not have enough of one visit to see everything!

A Unique Place for Sacraments
Being primarily a place devoted to the Catholic religion, the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal host regularly numerous religious services. So whether it is to seal the bond of love with marriage, to enter the world of the God with baptism, to commemorate the deceased with a funeral or a commemorative mass, or for any other sacrament, the Notre-Dame Basilica is ready to welcome you in these important moments of your life and the life of your family. About a hundred marriages and around 120 baptisms are celebrated each year at the Basilica. Moreover, the Basilica invites everyone to attend the masses celebrated each day at the church.

And Then There Was LightImportant Place of Events and Shows
Definitely the most dazzling activity in town, the light and sound show “And Then There Was Light” invites you to virtually travel back in time. The animated lightings and dynamic representations projected on gigantic curtains suspended to the Basilica’s vault will make you see, live and hear, in a unique way, the birth of Montreal and of the Basilica.

Furthermore, the Notre-Dame Basilica presents many varied events all year long. It is the host of several concerts that gives you the chance to enjoy some of the best orchestras, quartets, organists, vocal ensembles and local choral societies in a place of outstanding beauty which offers remarkable acoustics. The summer season is therefore the occasion to organise numerous organ concerts with some of the most renowned organists in the world!

Visit the website of the Basilica regularly to know the schedule of the various concerts and events.

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Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal
Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal


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