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 Quebec Museum of Folk Culture and The Old Prison of Trois-Rivières

From the Museum to the Prison

To the great pleasure of art lovers and for those who are always keen to learn, the province of Quebec has lots of diversified museums. Among these, you will find workshop museums which allow us to follow the evolution of the final product, museums of fine arts with their great masterpieces, history museums and museums of society offering amusing and instructive exhibitions.

It is in this last category that you can classify Québec Museum of Folk Culture in Trois-Rivières. The fall programming of this museum will definitely be exciting with the presentation of six entertaining exhibitions. Democracy, bicycles and board games are only a few of the subjects dealt in the exhibitions. Oh, and what about a little stay in prison? This should be fun unless… you lose the key of your cell!

Popular Exhibition
First of all, the museum opens its storeroom especially for the visitors so that you can discover more than 4000 works of art. This privileged view into the museum’s collection will definitely be enjoyed by the numerous lovers of antiques. Then, you will be able to enjoy the exhibition Hooked on Bikes; a collection of old bicycles which gives you the chance to see the evolution of this type of transportation that has always been growing in popularity. And what about putting your balance to the test by getting on a vintage bike? You know the ones with a huge front wheel?

Directly coming from the renowned musée de la civilisation in Quebec City, Vox Populi is an exhibition specially made for teenagers and young adults. Thanks to video excerpts that have been seen throughout the world like a speech of John F. Kennedy on world peace, the dream of Martin Luther King or René Lévesque who speaks about the fragility of democracy. In fact, where do you stand in all the democratic process? You just might find the answer to this important question right after visiting the exhibition.

Quebec Museum of Folk Culture and The Old Prison of Trois-Rivières

On a totally different matter, what do you think of the oral traditions going from generations to generations? With Bearers of Traditions, you will discover an intangible heritage that is transmitted often by word of mouth from generations to generations. You will see that these traditions have been defining the identity of the people throughout the years.

As for lovers of board games, the exhibition Caught Up In The Game is going through 6000 years of games, from the first dice to the highly original board games of today. You will see how these types of games have evolved but also stayed the same in the mean time with the progress of technology. The Ogre of Gaultier’s Forest is another exhibition for the whole family. It has been specially imagined for children over 7 years old. A sewer pipe, an ogre’s stomach and a secret path will be awaiting you. Although this might sound very strange, you will understand when you get there.

Quebec Museum of Folk Culture and The Old Prison of Trois-Rivières

A Visit in Prison
Speaking of secret paths, this one will not allow you to escape from the prison which is just next to the museum. Once inside the walls of the prison, you are welcomed by ex-prisoners who will be your guides for the visit. You will have the chance to see the cells, common areas and even the dreaded clink. The prison which opened in 1822 and closed recently in 1986 is now an historic building. For a few years now, the doors have been unlocked to curious visitors and for the foolhardiest who will look forward to spend a night there.

Besides the prison life, do not forget to visit from October 24 a new exhibition at Québec Museum of Folk Culture highlighting the work of Michel Houle, a prolific autodidact artist who expresses his love for art with paints, drawings and even assembling. Until now, don’t forget to make the most out of the numerous activities that you can find in the region!


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Quebec Museum of Folk Culture and The Old Prison of Trois-Rivières


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