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Baie-Saint-Paul Art Circuit

Artistic highlight

If you travel along route 138 from west to east, you will make a most spectacular arrival in Baie-Saint-Paul in the beautiful region of Charlevoix. At the turn of a rather steep hill, to your right appear the deep blue waters of the St. Lawrence River in all their majesty. Here you are, finally, in a charming little town that conceals Canada’s largest concentration of art galleries and handicraft boutiques. The enchanting décor surrounding the region is a source of inspiration for a large number of artists who have decided to settle in the area. In order for you to discover some of them, we have prepared an original art circuit alongside Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street. In addition, we suggest you other stops: sometimes places where you can eat and drink, sometimes places where you can sleep.

Merchants of art,

Merchants of art
©Marc Archambault

Here is a list of the art galleries that we discovered during our little journey in Baie-Saint-Paul. The first stop is the Galerie d’art Beauchamp, successfully directed by two generations of the same family. This gallery shows and proposes unique paintings and sculptures that everyone will like, created by about fifty artists. The next gallery slightly goes off on its own since it only shows the works of the owner artist. The Galerie d’art Johanne Thomas exclusively shows the paintings made by Thomas. This outstanding artist, who is also a teacher, has developed her own technique to create 3D canvases. Then you will see the Galerie d’art Iris, which is a large, prestigious gallery with many addresses where you can find national-renowned contemporary works of art, created by about forty artists. This year, Iris celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The Maison René Richard, in addition to showing Richard’s works, also proposes a collection of paintings not to be missed. Here, you can find a painting by an ancient master dating back to 1881, as well as that of a contemporary artist. This house welcomes you in its untouched centennial décor. You have almost completed your art gallery tour at the Galerie Diamant, owned by painter Girard, who proposes contemporary and exclusive works. With his last collection entitled "Les diamants de mon pays" (diamonds of my country), he wanted to show the works that give tribute to art and life, but also to his region: Charlevoix. Finally, discover the Galerie Guylaine Fournier. Fournier proposes original paintings by renowned artists. On the menu: oil paintings, acrylics and watercolours. The gallery is also – exclusively - home to works by Christian Bergeron and Laurent Lafleur, and also shows sculptures by Lafleur.


©Jean-Paul Légaré
Come back down the street a little to stop at the handicraft boutiques and discover their most recent creations. For your pleasure, we have discovered a boutique that is half art gallery and half handicraft boutique. It is the Atelier-galerie Pierre-Gilles Matin et Carole Tanguay. While Matin presents paintings showing green and deep landscapes, Tanguay’s paintings are more abstract. She also makes jewellery and decorative objects. Not far from there, Le Pot aux Roses is a gift shop that proposes a large choice of objects from here and elsewhere: exclusive creations from the Proulx-Poulin collection as well as perfumed oil diffuser. Your last stop will be at Autour du Pot, which proposes a selection of pottery, jewels and art of entertaining, all made by the best artists in their discipline.

Or relaxation?
This Art circuit flouts the town’s chocolate factory and church, but couldn't pass some restaurants or bed & breakfasts over in silence. These will fill you up or give you sweet dreams. To quench your thirst, take a good hour to come sit down at the microbrasserie Charlevoix. Established at 2, Racine street, on the corner of Saint-Jean-Baptiste street since 1998, it proposes local beers, for the region’s residents. The Maison Otis and the Grande Maison, in addition to offering you high-standard lodging, sometimes proposes a gastronomic meal, and sometimes a meal brought up by regional flavours. On a smaller scale, the bed & breakfasts found in the area, like Nature et pinceaux, the Colibris and the Gîte À l’Ancrage, will know how to please you with their simplicity. So, whether you decided to spend only a few hours in the area or to fully take advantage of the exceptional décor of Baie-Saint-Paul, you will know how to fill your spare time with a thousand and one art galleries.

Art galeries
Galerie d’art Beauchamp
16 de la rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Galerie d’art Iris
30 et au 53, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Galerie Diamant
Galerie Guylaine Fournier
Galerie d’art Johanne Thomas
29, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Maison René Richard
58, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Galerie Guylaine Fournier
88 ou 104, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste

handicraft boutiques
Atelier-galerie Pierre-Gilles Matin et Carole Tanguay
90, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste
 Le Pot aux Roses
56, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste
 Autour du Pot
43, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste
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