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Quebec is the largest of the 10 Canadian provinces and is located in the north-east corner of the North American continent. It’s the second most populated province in Canada after Ontario. It covers 1 667 441 km2, which represents three times the size of France, five times that of Italy and 54 times the size of Belgium. Quebec shares borders with Ontario to the west, United States and New-Brunswick to the south, Hudson Bay, Nunavut and Ungava Bay to the north and finally Labrador to the east. Overall, Quebec has to defend 10,000km of land, maritime and river boarders.
Boat on the seaQuebec’s territory is divided into three large sections. The Canadian Shield covers about 95% of the total size of the province, the St. Lawrence Valley and the Appalachian Mountains share the remaining 5%. The St. Lawrence Valley is the most populated region, with about 80% of the total population. The St. Lawrence River, which has greatly contributed to the pioneers settling in this region, is one of the 20 most important rivers in the world with its 1,200 km. Its numerous affluents and tributaries are part of Quebec’s catchment basin that has more than half a million lakes and thousands of rivers. The highest mountains in Quebec are mount Iberville (1,622 metres or 5,321 feet) in the Torngat Mountains in Nunavik, and mount Jacques-Cartier (1,268 metres or 4,160 feet) in the réserve faunique des Chic-Chocs in Gaspésie.
Quebec in details

Fisherman in autumnQuebec’s weather is very particular. Indeed, inhabitants can enjoy a climate changing according to the four seasons. In winter, snow is abundant and cold sets in. In the spring, nature comes back to life, while summer is hot and humid. In autumn, you can admire the beautiful colours of the tree leaves, with their shades of red, gold and bright yellow. Quebec has three different climates, which are the humid continental climate in most of the territory, the subarctic climate where you will find taiga, and finally, the arctic climate where plants and tundra fight for their lives.

Quebec’s population, which is 7 568 640 inhabitants, is relatively homogenous. Indeed, the most important group is of French origin and represents about 75% of the total population. The next group is the inhabitants of English origin with about 4.2%, and the other communities, like the Italians, which is the most important ethnic group, or the Natives with less than 1% of the total population. Each year, Quebec receives about 30,000 immigrants, which contributes to increase the population. These new comers mainly come from Asia, Europe, America and Africa. The official language in Quebec is French, spoken by 80% of the population. English is spoken by nearly 10% of the population, whilst other languages are spoken by 8% of the population, and Native languages by less than 1% of the population. It’s in Quebec that can be found the largest number of bilingual people in Canada.
Natural ressources in QuebecThe main natural resources in Quebec are the mines (gold, nickel, copper, zinc and aluminium), forests and water. In fact, Quebec possesses 3% of the world’s fresh water reserves! Forest, on its part, covers the size of Sweden and Norway put together. That’s why the province is the most important producer of pulp and paper in Canada. It’s one of the most important industries for Quebec’s economy. The maple syrup industry is also very important, since Quebec is the world’s largest maple syrup producer.
Come see for yourself all the largeness of Quebec’s territory. Experience life in Quebec, but above all, taste the pleasures of the warm welcome of the inhabitants, the local products and the outdoor activities. Come discover the beauty of Quebec’s landscapes!


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