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This section will surely please you with its unusual facts about Quebec. This section of the guide will be updated regularly, so come back often to learn more about the province of Quebec. Enjoy reading!

Did you know that …

... the Château Frontenac in Quebec City is the most photographed hotel in the world?

... in 1998, an important ice rain storm hit south-western Quebec? This storm paralyzed several cities and towns during several weeks, since the ice had destroyed high-voltage electric wires. Thousands of houses were then deprived from electricity during the coldest months of winter.

... the narrowest house in North America is located on rue Donnaconna in Quebec City? Indeed, it is only 3.7 meters (12 feet) long.

... the province of Quebec has two justice systems? The civil law is used for the civil cases, while the common law is used for criminal cases.

... road 132 is the longest road in Quebec? It is more than 1,400 km long and goes from the Montérégie region to the Gaspésie region on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.

... it’s in the Baie-James region that you can find LG2, the largest underground hydroelectric power plant in the world?

... Quebec has the most important windmill park in Canada? It’s also one of the largest in the world. It’s the Le Nordet windmill park in Cap Chat in the Gaspésie region.

... it’s in Montréal that you can see the highest inclined tower in the world : the Olympic Stadium tower.

... when the Montréal metro was built, all the earth that was taken out was used to enlarge the Île Sainte-Hélène and to create the Île Notre-Dame for Expo 1967.

... the traditional arrowhead sash, mainly worn during Quebec’s winter Carnival, is made in the Lanaudière region?

... Quebec contains more than 3% of the world’s fresh water reserves.

... the Quebec’s electric wiring network is one of the longest of the North American continent? It is made of more than 30,000 kilometres of high-voltage cables, to which is added 100,000 kilometres of supply wires that go all the way to the consumers. If we were to put all the wires end to end, they could go three times around the Earth at the Equator.

... Quebec’s forest covers more than 750,000 km2, which is the size of Sweden and Norway together? It represents 20% of the Canadian forests and 2% of the world’s forests.


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