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Festivals & Events : Manicouagan

Festivals & Events: ManicouaganSeveral events take place each year in the Manicouagan region. Come participate in them with the entire family during your stay. Events for every taste dot the calendar throughout the year like the Symposium de Baie-Comeau, the Essipit Pow-wow as well as the famous Concours de sculptures sur sable. You will surely find a festival you like in the region.

Region of Manicouagan

Concours de sculptures sur sable
Each year, professional and amateur sand sculptors play to their heart's content during this festival. Adults and children teams compete for creativity to build very outstanding sculptures.
Essipit Pow-Wow
Once again this year, the Innu community in Essipit celebrates its pow-wow. Come participate in the traditional activities or attend the dance and music performances of the Innu culture. Don't miss them!
Festi Livre de Bergeronnes
Culture and literature enthusiasts will love this festival where numerous activities are offered. Participate in the workshops, visit the book store and the book fair, attend the conferences or challenge your knowledge during the dictation contests.
Festival de la baleine bleue
Festival de la chanson
For almost 25 years now, the most renowned Quebec singers perform here, just like many aspiring groups and singers. Come listen to these talented authors, composers, performers and musicians from everywhere in Quebec and in the world. Nearly 40 singers and groups await you to make you experience their music.
Symposium de peinture de Baie-Comeau
The largest painting symposium in North America has been presented for 20 years already! Come see more than 30 artists at work as well as the exhibition of 300 paintings!
The Baie Comeau International Film Festival, Cinoche
For a very special experience, participate in this uncommon winter festival. You will see about thirty movies from everywhere in the world on a large snow screen at dusk. An unforgettable experience!

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