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Museums : Charlevoix

Museums: CharlevoixThere are a few museums in the region of Charlevoix, especially museums telling part of the rich historic past of the region. These museums tell you in details the development of the region, its beginnings as the cradle of vacation in Canada up to today. The maritime history of the region is also very important, which is why some museums have chosen to take the time to tell it.

Region of Charlevoix

Carrefour culturel Paul-Médéric
Visit this extraordinary cultural centre, where performing arts, heritage, animation and visual arts meet. You can also visit the different exhibitions, participate in the workshops, and even see the artists at work during some events.
Centre d'histoire naturelle de Charlevoix
To learn everything about the formation of the Charlevoix region, visit this interpretation centre on natural history. You will learn more about one of the largest craters on earth shaped by a meteorite. Come see the photographs, the artefacts and the educational games.
La forge-menuiserie Cauchon
The blacksmith trade was one of the most important ones in the Quebec villages back in the days. Come visit the forge of the Cauchon family, in which people were blacksmiths from generation to generation. You will discover this trade, as well as the way of life of the inhabitants back in those days.
Laiterie Charlevoix
Come taste the delicious cheddar cheeses produced here since 1948. You can also visit the economuseum in which you will see the details of the cheese making process.
Maison du Bootlegger
Come discover the secrets of this 19th-century illegal drinking establishment. Discover a real maze as well as all the tricks used to outwit the authorities.
Maison René Richard, Museum and Art Gallery
Enter this centennial house in which numerous renowned artists lived. René Richard himself stayed in this house at the end of his life. Let the experienced guides tell you about the life and work of this great character.
Musée d’art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul
Since 1992, this exhibition centre has been presenting many exhibitions year round. Works of art of the modern and contemporary arts are presented, like paintings, sculptures and photographs.
Musée de Charlevoix
You want to learn more about the geographical and heritage past of the region? You are at the right place. You can visit permanent and temporary exhibitions that will reveal all the characteristics of the region's development!
Musée Les Voitures d'Eau
Since 1973, this museum has been telling the story of navigation on the St. Lawrence River. On site, you can see and visit a schooner from top to bottom. You can also see numerous objects used for navigation in the old days.
Musée maritime de Charlevoix
This is the former site of the shipyard of Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive. A visit of the museum will make you relive the maritime heritage of the region, but will also teach you all the importance of this industry to the region.
Papeterie Saint-Gilles, papermaking Economuseum
This economuseum will make you discover an ancient technique for paper-making. Take the time to visit the factory and admire the artisans at work. In the boutique, you will find some beautiful and original papers.

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